What is new at my site

2019-05-18 internal links moved from www.npage.de to www.hpage.com.

another map published for St- Oedenrode Minimod: Koevering, same link as below.

CC2MapMuseum updated, see Guides & Tools download section.

2014-06-29 a new CC2-minimod is published by me: 2 maps for the battle around St. Oedenrode to extend the original game:
2014-03-04 two external links: Sample's site is updated today: http://cc2.eth.ro/
...and Sulla restarted his site and forum on Feb. 24th, 2014: http://www.closecombat.org/
2013-10-28 my two CC2Kreta-Heraklion maps are republished at  http://closecombat2.jimdo.com/cc2-heraklion-maps/ .
2013-06-28 my CC2-SonSouth-MiniMod got an update and is republished at  http://closecombat2.jimdo.com/cc2-sonsouth-minimod/ .
2013-06-14 my CC2-sound-file-tool MyMook got a fresh UI (now v3.02),
also CCBMaker for CC2 got a little update (v1.03), both are online at: http://closecombat2.jimdo.com/tool-downloads/ .
2013-06-12 most of my tools got a new home: http://closecombat2.jimdo.com/tool-downloads/ . ZIP-size is limited there to 10 MB.
2013-05-24 my SheepShaver FAQ updated for MacOS-X 10.8 and 64-bit mode.
2013-05-09 two guides updated and expanded with tree charts of CC3-CC:LSA

See "Guides" section.

2013-04-17 5CC map editor got an update to v1.22; hosted at http://cc2revival.hpage.com/

2013-02-16 5CC map editor got a minor update to v1.21.
2013-01-31 5CC map editor updated to v1.20; now moved to http://cc2revival.hpage.com/
2013-01-06 the famous CC2-mini-mod by Holger and me is online back again: CC2-Hell's-Highway-Mod

2013-01-02 the CC2MapMuseum.zip is updated slightly.
2012-07-29 the updated 5CC v1.18 download has moved to http://cc2revival.hpage.com/, so this tool is back!
2012-05-29 sorry, all stuff hosted at "www.claranet.de" is no longer online. Try a way back machine or visit http://closecombat.matrixgames.com/ClassicCC/ClassicCC.html
2012-05-07 updated 5CC v1.18 (expand/shrink maps in steps by 10 pixels).
2012-03-10 I'm moving to a new site: http://closecombat2.hpage.com/ because www.fortunecity.com is closing down on April 30th, 2012. Thanks a lot to this provider for the good times we had there! And also thanks a lot to the new provider to host the stuff here!
2012-02-04 updated 5CC v1.17 (improved graphics file read&write for i386-Mac and PC)
2012-01-02 updated RtBTool v2.39: supporting CC:WaR/TLD screen patching for June 2011 update.
2011-12-29 updated RtBTool v2.38: supporting CC:LSA screen patching for June 2011 update.
2011-08-13 updated: BTD-Editor 2009, v1.09 (map names and index numbers on gadg-previewscreen).
2011-06-23 updated CC2OvEdit v1.02: modernized for PPC- and i386-Macs and PC.
2011-06-13 preparing for 10.7 "Lion":
updated CC2Spriter v2.95, debugged resizing, LSA-support added, i386-Mac-app added;
updated CCVehShEdit v1.01, i386-Mac-app added.
2011-06-01 updated 5CC v1.16 (supporting graphics file "Terrain" and "Bridges.azp", more data and roof actions ...).
2011-04-29 updated RtBTool v2.37: supporting CC:WaR/TLD/LSA screen patching for March 2011 updates.
2011-03-30 updated: BTD-Editor 2009, v1.08 ("map value" calculation added).
2011-02-04 new CC2-mini-mod by Holger and me online: CC2-Hell's-Highway-Mod


2011-01-31 updated RtBTool v2.35: supporting CC:LSA screen patching and the new LSA-file format "Bridges.azp".
2011-01-29 first public announcement of a new small mod for CC2: Hell's Highway
2011-01-27 updated: BTD-Editor 2009, v1.07 (debugged 'ScrnGadg.gdg'-import, vertical area resizing in the BTD-editor).
2010-11-07 Problems with SheepShaver and CC2 on SnowLeo 10.6.4, FAQ text updated here...
2010-09-03 updated: BTD-Editor 2009, v1.06 (extended help system, copy/paste debugged).
2010-09-01 updated: CC2Guide-TxtfMapLosRoof (BTD-file formats added).
2010-08-13 updated: BTD-Editor 2009, v1.05 (minor debugging).
2010-08-02 updated: CC2Guide-TxtfMapLosRoof (map tile concept explained in depth).
2010-07-25 updated: BTD-Editor 2009, v1.04 (extended briefing text editing, debuggings).
2010-07-11 updated: BTD-Editor 2009, v1.03 (CC:LSA compatibility).
2010-07-08 updated 5CC v1.15 (CC:LSA support, tree images overlay, arrow key support).
2010-03-29 CC2Spriter v2.94 debugged.
2010-03-22 CC2Spriter v2.93 debugged.
2010-03-10 CC2Guide-SpriteFiles-v8.zip updated (CC2 style indicator; WaR/TLD Terrain file).
2010-03-09 CC2Spriter v2.92 'Appendix.bin' editing again extended, WaR/TLD support added.
2009-12-25 two new CC2-Kreta maps are online at http://cc2revival.hpage.com/,
based on Kyle's early graphics, but expanded and reworked by me to fill the map slots 104 and 113 of his CC2-Kreta-mod. Posted there with Kyle's and Nembo's permission.
2009-09-09 SheepShaver and CC2: running CC2 on i386-Macs. A new FAQ text here...
2009-08-17 new CC2-Afrika-map by me: Miteirya Ridge-2 for custom user battle slot 406.
2009-08-13 updated: BTD-Editor 2009, v1.02.
2009-08-11 new CC2-Afrika-map by me: Thala South Road for custom user battle slot 405.
2009-07-29 CC2Tools v5.02 (added CC:WaR/TLD BTD-file support for map-shrinking/-converting; dropping Win98 support, adding i386-Mac-support).
2009-07-24 CC2Guide-NewBattlesMaps-v6.pdf updated (added a hint by Nembo).
2009-07-22 new tool by me: BTD-Editor 2009, for MacOS-X and PC. Editing BTD-files and the file StratMap.txt of CC:WaR/CC:TLD.
2009-06-30 updated RtBTool v2.31: debugged number of gadgets for multiplayer screen of CC5/WaR/TLD. Added: arrow key support for the preview-screen of EXE-screen-patching. Added: "Enable Mafi-allmighty" will allow you to edit the first column in the EXE-screen patch list (column 'Index').
2009-06-11 updated RtBTool v2.30: supporting the new CC:TLD release: CCE.exe screen patching. Better Intel-Mac support.
2009-05-01 updated 5CC v1.14 (bridge information window added for CC2). Debuggings.
2009-04-06 updated 5CC v1.12f2 (minor roof-related additions).
2009-03-22 updated 5CC v1.12f1 (nil roof bug fixed).
2009-03-11 updated 5CC v1.12 (32-bit roof graphics error fixed).
2009-03-09 updated RtBTool v2.26: supporting latest CC:WaR update: CCE.exe screen patching v2009.01.29.01 added.
2009-02-27 CC2Guide-NewTankCountry_v10.pdf updated (added a hint by Nembo).
2009-02-25 5CC v1.11 update (MacOS-9XPPC/i386 and W2K/XP/Vista):

- dropped Win98 support;
- performance increased.
- updated manual,
- new element file for CC:WaR.
- new cursors for roof rect defining.
- mouse wheel support for Win/MacIntel version.
- more sorting criteria for window "Terrain".
- debugged and extended map data import concept.
- "Find"/"Find next" command added for terrain and elevation.
- Minefield overview in OVM screen added.


2008-12-17 updated RtBTool v2.24: debugged NNT/NNH un-/repacking inside TEX-Editor window.
2008-11-09 updated RtBTool v2.23: debugged GDG un-/repacking, multiple editing windows for AZP, MPI, GDG and TEX, GDG-help-window updated, BTD-converting old-to-new added.
2008-11-08 updated RtBTool v2.21: more CC4-WaR support (EXE screen patching).
2008-11-04 updated RtBTool v2.20: CC4-WaR support, clipboard support, GDG-file interpreting;
updated CC2OvEdit v1.01: modernized for Mac and PC,

both tools are now dropping Win98-support to have better WinXP performance.

2008-10-03 5CC v1.10 debugging update (MacOS-9XPPC/i386 and Win98/XP).

CC2MapMuseum guide updated.
CC2Guide-Operations added (as of 1998, source cc2.gamestats.com).
CC2Guide-TxtfMapLosRoof-v5.pdf updated (removing some of the last CC2-mapfileformat-myths).

2008-07-23 LinkTable updated.
Updated "CC2PacificFrontForMac-Part2.sit" with soldier color patching for Mac.
2008-07-12 CC2MapMuseum guide updated.
2008-06-30 CC2-Mini-Mod "Son Bridge South" (1 enlarged map, 1 new map, expanding original Son-operation).
2008-06-16 5CC v1.09 debugging update (MacOS-9XPPC/i386 and Win98/XP).
2008-06-03 re-posted some missing SIT archives, now wrapped into ZIPs. Thanks to ccmac for checking these missing files.
2008-06-01 5CC v1.08 major update (MacOS-9XPPC/i386 and Win98/XP):
- fixed bugs: terrain pensize=2, window placement on start (PC);
- fixed bugs: window "Roof informations" graphics handling;
- fixed bugs: CC2 bridge image editing and selecting;
- fixed bugs: contextual menu improved of window "Terrain".
- added: added this contextual menu to main menubar, too.
- added: limiting popupmenus' size (needed for MacOS-9) possible.
- added: CTRL-M/CMD-M to get main window to front,
- added: terrain coloring effect as 4th layer to editing window,
- added: terrain elements table files editing, help texts,
- added: map meta comments introduced, help texts,
- added: tree-patch library concept introduced.
- added: contextual menus to the window "Trees".
- added: drop object funtionality for graphics of window "Trees".
- manual: updated and expanded.
- manual: separate file added for tree-patch library file format.
- manual: demo tree-patch library included.
2008-05-04 Fortunecity.de was closed at May 1st. 2008. All contents erased without warning.
Moved to new home at http://closecombat2.fortunecity.com/
Uploading entire contents and some news:

CCBmaker updated sligthly (v1.02, for Mac & PC).

Mac-version of the latest CC2 data patch v3.4 of the TournamentHouse made and added.

2008-04-29 CC2Guide-Terrain-file-v4.pdf (debugged and extended, with some instructions to work with CC2Spriter).
2008-04-27 CC2Tools v5.01 (more translation-tables added (CCMT)).
2008-04-25 CC2Guide-TxtfMapLosRoof debugged (CoI max map size).
2008-04-21 5CC v1.07b1 Terrain bordering tool added, CoI/CCMT-related additons.

CC2Guide-TxtfMapLosRoof updated.

2008-04-02 CC2MapMuseum guide updated again.
2008-03-31 CC2MapMuseum guide updated.
2008-03-11 link table revised a little bit.
2008-02-16 updated RtBTool v2.17: CC4.02 difficulty sliders; CCMT update support.
2008-01-12 updated RtBTool v2.16: CC4.02 arrow number to 81, CC5-command screen.
2008-01-07 updated RtBTool v2.15: screen resizing debugged.
2008-01-06 updated RtBTool v2.14: CC3-Guns/Wrecks-txtf file support added.
2008-01-05 updated RtBTool v2.13: CCMT support added, TGA<->BMP file conversion (single/entire folder) added.

CCEdit (both versions) re-uploaded here because Chris' site is down.

2008-01-01 working on file-uploading, some servers are instable - temporarily?
2007-12-05 added: 5CC-Tutorial-TreePlanting.zip
2007-11-16 a new upcoming CC2-mod by SBufkle added to the mod-link list
2007-04-07 littl' util BMP-to-TGA-converter made (removed and replaced by new RtBTool version).
2007-01-31 Reviews page added (in English and auf Deutsch).
2007-01-21 site design changed to desert camo.

External news: the new CC2-OpJustCause-mod by Nembo is available at CCS.net !!!!

2006-12-29 CC2Tools v5.00 (end-of-line char modding for entire CC2 install added).
2006-12-08 new Afrika add-on map: CoastalRoadCC2 (12x10, 2.6 MB).
2006-12-03 train graphics pack added, see last entry in Guide & Tools section.
2006-12-01 5CC v1.06a4 Roof-info-window-functionality expanded, roof-add-bug fixed.
2006-11-19 CC2Spriter v2.91 Extended 'Appendix.bin' editing implemented.
2006-11-18 5CC v1.06a3 RFM-roof-width-bug fixed.
2006-11-17 5CC v1.06a2 minor update,

CC2Spriter v2.90 Soldier/SoldierB un-/repack added.

2006-10-15 5CC v1.06a1 added color-based flood fill tool, auto-coding, "unlimited" map size creating/editing, tree counting, support for Intel-cpu Macs, manual extended.
2006-09-29 CC2Spriter v2.84
-     CC1 color look-up table debugged.
-     CC1 file "TILES" analyzing and extracting added.
-     Converting section added: the tool can now convert CC1’s sprite and tile files between the PC and MAC version of CC1. In addition the tool is able to convert the Soldier / SoldierB files from CC2/CC3-file format (BIG Endian encoding) to CC4/5/M/RtB-file format (LITTLE Endian) and back. This functionality is valid only for these files!

CC2Guide-SpriteFiles-v7.pdf updated (CC1 section).

2006-09-23 CC2Tools v4.13 (expanding/joining "to the max" enabled).
2006-09-22 CC2-Afrika-Mod v2.1 released, including 1 add-on map (republishing of the removed ElAdemCC2 map), all vehicle shadows repainted, 1 new vehicle, datas and gadgets debugged.

CCBmaker updated sligthly (v1.01, for Mac & PC).

2006-09-16 the result of three months of work: a totally new tool for CC2/3/4/5/M/RtB:

CCVehShEdit v1.00b3, a CC vehicle shadow editor (Mac & PC)

updated tools:
RtBTool v2.12 (TEX-file hotpoint-table bug removed, support for CC3 added)
CC2Spriter v2.83 (CC2-88FlaK-bug removed),

2006-06-24 updated CC2Guide-NewTankCountry_v9.pdf (Txtr-Hotpoint table).
2006-06-23 5CC v1.05a3 mouse cursor bug removed, French manual by FFL_Jag included.
2006-05-25 map update: TobrukAirCC2.zip (smaller plane graphics),
new map: FukaAirCC2.zip (add-on map 402)
both replacing the older "BritishAirfieldCC2.zip".
2006-05-22 new tool born: CCBmaker - a CC2-Battlemaker/ScenarioEditor tool to solve the battlemaker-crash-problem of CC2-Afrika-Mod (for Mac & PC).
2006-05-21 map update: ItalianAir_v2.zip (smaller plane graphics, debugged AlOOB/AxOOB).
2006-05-18 three older texts added (by Xian99, DBrave & Thunderbolt109).
2006-05-05 CC2MapMuseum guide updated.
2006-05-03 myMookX v3.00 updated and carbonized (MacOS-X ready).

updated guides:

2006-05-01 5CC v1.05a2 improved CC2 file saving, Groof-bug compensation new.
2006-04-29 new additional map DesertCampCC2.zip
2006-04-27 CC2Afrika-SoldierColorPatch.zip updated (upd. Mac patch tool).
2006-04-25 CC2-Afrika-Mod v2.0b released, including 12 new maps by me.
2006-04-17 updated & extended CC2Guide-NewTankCountry_v8.pdf.
2006-04-03 CC2Tools v4.12 (RFM rotating debugged).
2006-04-02 5CC v1.05a1 added LOS invert tool, customizable and improved UI.
2006-03-06 5CC v1.04b6 mmm generating, roof copy, patch placing debugged.
2006-02-28 5CC v1.04b5 ovm/mmm generating debugged.
2006-02-24 5CC v1.04b4 line tool, pen size, screenshot func., negative terrain values.
2006-02-07 5CC v1.03b5 graphic's speed increased.
2006-02-06 5CC v1.03b4 keyboard support added, debugged again.
2006-02-03 5CC v1.03b2 debugged.

5CC v1.03b1 (second public beta, including updated manual, for MacOS & PC in one package: tree shadow patch tool, flood fill tool, greyscale import for elevation defining, custom cursors and much more details added).

2006-01-11 CC2Spriter v2.82 (CC1-analyzing added, *.zfx extracting debugged),
2006-01-06 a new map editor for MacOS-X / WinXP:

5CC v1.02b1 (first beta, for MacOS & PC in one package)

and several updates (each bundled for MacOS & PC in one package):
CC2Tools v4.10 (LOS debugged, OVM/MMM generating improved, CC3-txtf ...)
CC2Spriter v2.81 (CC3-support added: *.nsd/*.zsd/*.zfx (for Shadows.zfx editing)
RtBTool v2.10 (L4W requested scrollbars on the preview screen for CC5 layout)

2005-11-29 updated: CC2MapMuseum and CC2Guide-SpriteFiles-v3.pdf
2005-11-20 CC2Spriter debugged again to v2.7.2.
2005-11-18 CC2Spriter updated to handle original CC3 Terrain file properly.
2005-10-08 two new Tunisia maps uploaded: Djedeida Tigers and Longstop Hill.
2005-09-24 Sample has published a new CC2-mod, see link table update.

third Tunisia map online: Chouigui Plain (Nov. 25th, 42).

2005-08-06 second Tunisia map online: Medjez el Bab (Nov. 24th, 42).
2005-05-22 CC2Afrika-SoldierColorPatch.zip updated, does now include a PC-color-self patch utility, too. Thanks to Nembo!
2005-04-23 first Tunisia map online: Djebel Abiod (Nov. 17th, 42).

Afrika-Mod updated to v1.6k:

  • new Base files with new ops for El Alamein I (and provisional for Torch)
  • the new El Alamein maps embedded
2005-03-31 5 new CC2-El-Alamein-maps online, closing the last gap of the Egypt campaign.
2005-03-28 RtBTool updated to v2.0 (can now patch the CC4-RtB.exe file to get new screen layouts, the ultimative solution for pfc_Michael's CC4-stratmap-diamonds problem). Tool moved to seperate homepage.

Afrika-Mod updated to v1.6j:

  • updated Base files with debugged teams (by Nembo)
  • updated Gadget0 file with new quit button
  • updated OvData# and Intrface/UI files
  • new ops for Gazala to Tobruk
  • 4 new Tobruk maps and GabrGasem map updated
2005-02-17 CC2Tools updated to v4.03 (map data joining debugged, roof images pasting over BGM added).
2005-01-21 RtBTool updated to v1.06 (can now handle FT.azp).
2005-01-19 RtBTool updated to v1.05 (can now handle Wrecks.azp), new CC2QuitButton-graphics.
2005-01-12 new tool by me: RtBTool to extract/repack CC4-RtB's *.mpi, *.pix, *.gdg, *.azp, *.tex,
v1.03. See Guide & Tools section.
2005-01-10 CC2Tools updated to v4.01 (Gadget-X and CCImages-X debugged).

Updated CC2Guide-SpriteFiles-v2.pdf.

2005-01-08 CC2Spriter updated to v2.5. See Guide & Tools section. *.spr extract/repack added, *.tex extract debugged.

Updated CC2Guide-NewBattlesMaps-v5.pdf

2004-12-27 CC2Tools updated to v4.0 (map data file, bgm file, roof file rotating and joining added).
2004-12-10 CC2Spriter updated to v2.0. Stm functionality added, TARGA header interpreting debugged.
2004-11-24 CC2Spriter updated to v1.3.
2004-11-22 CC2Guide-Explode-file-v2.pdf updated a little bit. At Mooxe's site I have uploaded my first RtB-custom map. Is online now even at CSO (29 MB).
2004-11-16 CC2Tools updated to v3.09 (CC2-to-CC5/RtB converting debugged, map data file rotating added),
CC2MapMuseumGuide as html-download added.
2004-11-02 4 new maps for the Afrika-Mod (Bir Hacheim for FFL).
2004-10-29 Terrain file for Afrika-Mod debugged (FFL flag transparencies removed).
2004-10-26 CC2Tools updated to v3.08 (CC2-Roof-cut-error).
2004-10-19 new map: Fort Gabr Gasem (Tobruk defense perimeter).
2004-10-17 3 new maps for AfrikaMod: Got el Ualeb / 150th Brigade Box / Leaving the Cauldron.
2004-10-16 CC2Tools updated to v3.07. Manual updated.
2004-10-14 CC2Tools updated to v3.06 (CC2-Roof-Shrink error debugged).
2004-10-12 CC5QClone-Ini-for-RtB.zip uploaded for the PC fraction.
2004-10-02 custom CC2-map "Terkov" uploaded, see map section.
2004-10-01 link to CloseCombatSeries.Net by Mooxe added, they have a CC2-map download section!
2004-08-16 updated CC2Guide-NewBattlesMaps-v4.pdf: ops/campaign modding added. See Guide & Tools section.
2004-07-18 Mizuchi's PacificFrontSoundFile re-uploaded, because it is no longer avaliable at Taki's site. Link to Taki updated.
2004-06-10 a new Afrika-map uploaded: SidiMuftah (town fight, >40 total new roofs).

updated Base-files (1 Gazala-Op included, Afrika-Explode file debugged) - v1.5i.

2004-03-27 2 new Afrika-maps uploaded: Knightsbridge & Sidra Ridge Retreat.
2004-03-10 CC2Spriter updated to v1.2 (debugged).

Afrika-Mod updated to v1.5g:

  • new Base files with new Italian teams (by Riccardo)
  • new Explode file with longer airplane animation (now 24 frames instead of 12 frames)
  • all interior graphics improved: ElAdem, all Marsah- & Minqar-maps, RasHawala
  • these maps re-uploaded, Bridg-file added to MarsahMatruh map
  • all these maps have moved into new map- and battle-slots to fit to the new Batnames-file
  • Gazala map: expanded and Bridg-file added
2004-02-28 CC2Tools updated to v3.05: map expanding (... even to RtB-size) added.
2004-02-26 new maps for the Afrika-Mod: Gazala (a conversion of GS_Niemack's CC3-map (with his permission) and Retma with complete new graphics, both 15x10 tiles.
2004-02-21 CC2-sprite tool updated (error corrections) v1.1 (PC & Mac), CC2Guide-SpriteFiles.pdf added.
2004-02-16 new Terrain file for the AfrikaMod (with tree animations !).
2004-02-14 an universal (CC2/CC3/CC4/CC5/RoadToBaghdad) Terrain-file and CC2-sprite tool is ready (v1.0).
2004-01-28 CC2Guide-NewTankCountry_v7.pdf updated (one paragraph added concerning vehicle teams' soldiers).
2004-01-11 CC2-Afrika-Mod updated: v1.5f - Base/Battles/Ops and Gadgets new to introduce ATR-teams. Debugged.
2003-12-26 Aqqaqir-map updated (some buildings shrinked).
2003-12-24 CC2Guide-NewTankCountry-v6.zip updated and expanded,
CC2Tools updated to v3.04 (single minor correction).
2003-12-20 CC2-Afrika-Mod updated: v1.5e - completely reworked and expanded: 149 teams, 3 ops.
2003-12-04 CC2Tools updated: v3.03 with CC2-Battlemaker-to-Scenario-Converter, user interface improved, stable PC-version released.
2003-11-30 LinkTable & MapLinks updated.
2003-11-28 four new CC2 maps: the 2nd battle of El Alamein (thanks to Andrea & Alfredo Di Matteo for the originals), see Afrika-Mod section.
2003-11-18 Bridg-file-guide updated (v6), CC2Tools updated: v3.02 with tiny Bridge-file making. Manual updated.
2003-11-16 new CC2.map: SettoreH from Andrea Di Matteo's CC5-ElAlamein-map-collection.
2003-11-09 next tool ready for download: CC2OvEdit for Mac (and for PC), editing / expanding the OvData#-files.
2003-11-04 new version of CCTools for PC (v3.01), seperated manual.
2003-11-02 new Guide concerning the OvData#-files: CC2Guide-UI_Intrface_OvData.pdf


"CC2Tools" again updated to v3 with LOS-file shrinking. Manual included.
2003-10-19 my MacOS tool "CC2Tools" has grown bigger: now full featured CC5/CC4/CC3 map conversion possible including shrinking of the map dimensions to fit to CC2: can shrink and convert to CC2 in one step: BGMap/BGM, MMMap/MMM, OVMap/OVM, ROOF/RFM, BTM/Scenario, Bridg (!) and data files Map###/TXT. Except for LOS file making you can now convert every CC5-CC3 map to CC2 to have them on the Mac. For map refinements please use CCedit and/or LOStool. See Guides / Tools section. Source code included. For Win95/XP time limited demo only, sorry.

A big leap for a single man, but a small step for mankind!

2003-10-03 cracking the CC2-133-teams-barrier (with the help of Ken Scott):

I have made CC2-Tool collection for Mac (and a demo of it for PC), so we can now on the Mac
- extract and rebuild the Gadget# files and we can expand them for more team gadgets !
- convert Txtr###-, BGMap###-files etc. to TGA and back,
- convert CC3/CC4/CC5-*.bgm files to TGA to make CC3/CC5-map to CC2-map conversion on the Mac easier,
- PATCHING the Mac-ABTF / CC2.exe for more teams !!!!!

See Guides / Tools section. Source code (RealBasic5.2) included. More is planned.

2003-07-31 myMook updated to v2.03 (now handling GreatWar patch sound file correctly)
2003-07-19 new: CC2Afrika-Mod Sound-File patch (sorry, Mac only!), 7.7 MB
2003-07-12 myMook updated to v2.02 (now handling CC5 sound files a little bit), CC2Guide-MacSound-file.pdf uploaded.


I have made a tool (and it is a MacOS program this time) to convert CC2-PC-soundfiles to CC2-Mac-soundfiles, updated to v2, tested succesfully with the conversion of the PacificFront-Mod sound file (made by Masahiko Mizuchi, can be found at Taki's site): download here (721 KB).
2003-05-25 re-uploading of CC2Parry1 by Hikehara/Chris Gaskin.
2003-05-14 FAQ updated concerning ABTF under MacOS 10.2.6.
2003-03-10 some (internal) links updated. download now possible via "www.geocities.com/cc2revival", too.
2003-03-01 new operation package for two Guadalcanal operations uploaded. All Guadalcanal maps updated.
2003-01-11 new CC2 map: conversion of CC3-map Canal5 by GI_Jonz, Guadalcanal1-map updated (shrinked). Updated package CC2PacificFrontForMac-Part1.zip. Graphics for PacificFront Mod uploaded to see what I have changed.
2002-12-21 new CC2 map: conversion of CC3-map Guadalcanal1 by NL_Oxcart.
2002-12-05 tools debugged again: CCshrink, CCelevat, CC3-CC2.
2002-12-04 2 complete new maps by me for Pacific: JapaneseAirstrip.zip & HendersonField.zip .
2002-11-27 new Terrain-file: CC2 Gallipoli (TR, BR, FR, RU) and templates for 30x18 pixel flags uploaded. CC3-CC2.exe again updated.
2002-11-24 new tool update: CCscenar.exe - a CC2 Scenario file generator / converter.
a guide on how to make the conversions is included.
new CC2 map: Quinn's Post for ABTF/TrialDemo/GreatWarPatch, see map section.
link table updated a little bit (Chris has released new version of CCedit).
new section: FAQ for common problem solving.
2002-11-18 new map: VBeachCC2 (a conversion of a CC3 map by Fish), see map section.
2002-11-16 busy weekend: I made my first CloseCombat tools (PC born): CCshrink and CC3-CC2
2002-11-15 some little additions.
2002-11-09 new short xls-guide concerning CC3-CC2 synopsis for direct map conversion CC3 -> CC2,
Victor's Arty 3.1 patch uploaded,
two new CC2-maps for GW (conversions) uploaded, see map-section.
2002-11-07 new Gadget#s for CC2-GW-Mod uploaded here.
2002-11-03 guides re-uploaded.
2002-10-13 new Terrain-files: GreatWar-patch & Nam. VL-flag templates uploaded for designers.
2002-10-10 new Terrain files: Canadians & Dieppe.
2002-10-02 Hikehara's maps re-uploaded with his explicit permission, because his former site is going down.
2002-09-12 new version of CC2-Afrika-Mod 1.3d (with airplane animation): Base files are new (includes file Explode).
2002-09-02 link to BR_Braz added.Many, many of the good old CC2-maps there!!!!!!!!!
2002-08-20 CC2Afrika-BaseFiles.zip now includes seperate archive for PC-users for better hierachical unzipping.
2002-08-19 my new map ready for dwnld: KoudekerkeBunkersCC2 (for Vlissingen area).
2002-08-11 forgotten to upload the CC2Guides, sorry. No all back online.
2002-07-31 again updated Afrika-Mod (1 new vehicle): Base-, Gadget#-, Vehicle-files are new.
2002-07-28 new PacificFront map ready for dwnld: HospitalCC2 by Luer/Hikehara with their permission.
2002-07-26 new site is now fully operational, all links updated.
new permission by Luer to convert his "Hospital" map to CC2. Will be next project.
2002-07-19 establishing new home at http://members.fortunecity.de/closecombat2/
all .zip or .sit archives are limited here to 1 MB.
2002-07-14 Afrika-Mod updated,
Apple decided to shut down the old site http://homepage.mac.com/closecombat2/ for Sept. 30th, 2002.




...no longer active in CC2...